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Lhotse Analytics is now intelflow

We would like to inform you that from April 3rd, Lhotse Analytics will be known as intelflow.

We are very proud of our original brand and customers that got us to this point. We started to transform and shape the digital procurement market as Lhotse Analytics. Our initial product, an advanced analytics solution, was just our starting point in the digital procurement space. Meanwhile our product has grown into a state-of-the art procurement intelligence platform.

An intelligent procurement software offering a seamless flow from data to opportunity realization.

- intelflow

Why are we changing?

Times have changed, and so have we. The last 3 years have been exciting and packed with amazing milestones. In this period, we have grown beyond procurement analytics to a successful company with lots of amazing new features & functions, clients & partners. We feel like we have outgrown our original name and are happy to share our new name - intelflow - that fits our brand and product much better.

Why intelflow?

intelflow reflects our innovative and dynamic qualities and leaves plenty of room for growth, where it combines procurement intelligence and a seamless flow from data to opportunity realization. We wanted to send a signal that we are ready to confront the challenges of a competitive and changing world dominated by innovation and speed. We are building the foundation for a bright future.

What is changing?

  • From this day on, we are known as intelflow instead of Lhotse Analytics.
  • We are delighted to start the new chapter with a suitable name that represents our strength and can grow with us over time.

What is not changing?

  • Our commitment to our customers and teams, whose outstanding energy and hard work have helped us get to where we are today.
  • We will continue to operate with the same shareholder structure, legal entity and tax ID.
  • We will continue to innovate and co-create with our clients, partners and team to continue transforming digital procurement.

Daniel Demuth & Nicolas Neubauer

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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